Make-up Applications & Lessons

Teaching the client to use the products is imperative. She needs minimal items to confidently create different looks with a few simple steps. It’s so easy to have an up-to-date look in a matter of minutes! We believe in the theory that less is best. Therefore, our line is stocked with essential, fragrance-free products.

After extensive research and work experience, we have learned what works for a variety of facial shapes, ages, and skin tones. Our collection consists of the best products formulated to suit our specifications, not only as professional artists, but also as women juggling family and career.

Our products were created for the customer to have not only a “camera ready” look for video tape, film, and high definition, but also a natural look for a daily basis.

Daniel Cole Collection….. make-up for every woman, every day.

Brow Maintenance


For regular brow customers, to maintain and shape the brows.

Brow Shaping


Without waxing, the artist will shape the brows.

Prom/Formal Cosmetic Application


This application is designed specifically for teens for special occasions. We use age appropriate cosmetic applications on the day of the dance.

Cosmetic Application


For adults on the day of a special event, (or even if you’re just feeling gloomy!) the artist will apply cosmetics designed specifically for you.

Cosmetic Lesson


In this in-depth session, the artist will go through your cosmetics, and advise you on what to keep or throw away. She will also teach you how to apply the make-up. A lipstick is included in this package.